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Head Injury: Broken Arrow Boy 

Talk about an example of endurance, here is the story (in story book form) of a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma cub scout with a head injury. He accidentally got an arrow pushed into his head but recovered from frontal lobe injuries during months of hospital treatment. “The Broken Arrow Boy.”

New Concussion Guidelines For Children’s Sports

Being one of the roughest of all children’s sports, it’s a rare parent who hasn’t had a boy who has been conked on the noggin hard enough to see stars, become dazed or actually go unconscious playing the game. YOU CAN’T DO THAT SO CHEAPLY ANY MORE!

Lack of Sleep Increases Teens Risk For Sports Injuries

Talk about proving the obvious, and then giving a lecture about it – lack of adequate sleep actually… wait for it… increases a teens risk of athletic injuries!

A study reported on at the National Academy of Pediatric Conference (Oct, 2012) showed that teens not sleeping enough had substantially more athletic injuries.

Bed Wetting (Enuresis) — Part 2

Last week I described the problem of enuresis (bed wetting) — how it is fairly common (10-20 percent of seven year olds) and how there are a large number of contributing factors.

I have recently become aware of the statistic that approximately 3 percent of marine corps inductees have wet the bed within a year prior to their induction.

Nearly All Online Pharmacies Are Fake! 

If you are anything even close to me, there are a handful of types of unsolicited emails that you constantly need to delete as spam – one of them is the online pharmacies. Here is a web-site where you can check out any on-line pharmacy and report them if you’ve been scammed. (more…)