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Feeling – A Special Sense

Recently a young patient brought me a special gift.   Although he was ill, he had taken the time to gather one of the first autumn leaves which had begun to turn color.

He explained to me that he had picked the leaf recently on a “five senses” walk he had taken with his teacher.

Growing Up – When Did THAT Happen?

(I wrote this parenting article about growing up some years ago and have had fun realizing that now it seems even more true to me than it did back then)

You know, the mind is at once an amazing and complicated thing – and growing up doesn’t help.

Thank heavens we don’t remember everything, but once in a while in your adult life you are surprised by a memory that occurred so long ago you had completely forgotten about it. Things just seem to “sneak up” on you.

Parenting: Attitudes – Unintentional Learning

With all deference to teachers, I am becoming more impressed that children do most of their learning when not actively being “taught”.  At least in things that “count.”

The aspects of life, which are critically important to a child’s personality, are his attitudes, about: self, others, systems, things, and life in general.

Most parents know intuitively what types of things instill wrong attitudes in children and we may have even caught ourselves or neighbors saying such things as:


Parenting Children and Teens to Be Achievers

It probably sounds like a moot point to ask which would be a better gift, even for Christmas; success in school or a train set. The answer should be obvious.

But, as no small part of my practice is with children who are dealing with school difficulties, I have met some children who (more…)